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Our top 3 anticipated NFTs launching in 2023

Crypto winter or not, NFTs are here to stay. Here are some of our top picks among 2023’s upcoming launches and collections.

As we approach 2023, the crypto world is still reeling from the contagion effects of FTX and other centralized exchanges. NFT prices have been hugely impacted in terms of floor price, and yet the space is still abuzz with anticipation for exciting new projects set to launch into the new year. 

From large-scale gaming titles to innovative brands and experimental projects, there is no shortage of creativity and innovation to be found. In the coming year, teams from around the globe will be showcasing their talent and challenging the status quo — regardless of how long the current crypto winter may last. 

Here are three of the top NFT projects to keep an eye out for in 2023:

1. Ether by VIII


Ether is an exciting new NFT project on the horizon, boasting stellar art and animation by digital artist @visionsofviii. The artist behind the moniker — Kala Haris, had an extensive portfolio even prior to NFTs, including a magazine cover for Megan Thee Stallion. Haris’ latest project is co-founded by @CValley_, an established NFT Azuki investor, who is also advising Haris on how to navigate through the chaotic NFT space whilst managing market expectations. The duo clearly know how to build hype as the project has already garnered over 70,000 followers on Twitter thus far despite no announced release date.

Details about the project are scarce, but it's clear that the team is dedicated to showcasing the process behind their work in an openly transparent and interactive manner. The actual NFT project will consist of the standard 10,000 collectibles, each with their own unique combination of traits.

As the project takes shape, whitelists are beginning to be exclusively distributed in the form of mysterious digital envelopes to active Web3 participants through Twitter DMs. Follow the project's Twitter for updates and to stay informed about all the latest developments. With the talented artist and entrepreneurial duo at the helm, the future of Ether will definitely be worth paying attention to.


2. Lost Realms by Tribe Inc.


Lost Realms is an upcoming NFT project by the Web3 studio, Tribe Inc. The studio is said to have been operating in stealth since August 2021 and is now gearing up their debut project — a turn based MMORPG set in a world of nostalgic fantasy and pixel art. The studio’s Medium profile outlines that they have a full stack team of 25+ employees with a history of generating over $3 billion in revenue from previous mobile and console game titles including CSR Racing and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. 

Their goal? To launch an immersive game experience packaged to play, right from mint. Unlike other projects that launch an NFT collection in order to crowdsource fundraising for development costs (much like a Kickstarter campaign), Tribe intends for their project to be fully ready and playable on release. 

Their plans after launch will instead focus on architecting an enduring ecosystem that delivers compounding value to contributors and holders. Interoperability — the ability for different NFTs to interact with each other and be used in multiple platforms and contexts — is placed front and center, with the project already establishing partnerships with well known brands like Moonbirds and EtherOrcs. 


Details about the project are progressively being released, but the team’s track record of delivering high-quality gaming experiences has many rife with anticipation. Whitelists to mint are being raffled on the Lost Realms’ Twitter and Discord server, although participants will still have to wait for an announcement on the actual release date. 


3. Momoguro by Baobab Studios


The cute and colorful Momoguro is a Web3 native project that aims to be both a digital collectible and story-telling game backed by Baobab Studios — a 9x Emmy and 3x Annie-winning interactive animation studio. Baobab launched in 2015 with corporate backing from sponsors such as Samsung, Disney and Alibaba. Their prolific track record includes releasing VR films like the indie film darling, Namoo, as well as securing a contract to develop Intercats, an animated cat workplace comedy for Disney+. Now, the studio sets its sights on leveraging the power of NFTs to create an experience where holders can influence the events in the Momoguro universe.

Set inside a world known as the ‘Uno Plane’, fantastical creatures of all shapes and sizes called ‘Momos’ practice the art of Momoguro — a powerful fusion combining themselves with Holoself avatars (player NFTs). Each fusion will provide unique abilities and eventually allow players to form ultra-powerful, world defending, Momobeasts. True to their vision for unity, success will require collaboration and trust as players craft a universe together and empower each other to believe that they are stronger together. This is a breath of fresh air as most NFT gaming projects encourage competition and divisiveness. 

The project is launching on the ImmutableX platform, a Layer 2 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. The advantage of doing so would be zero gas fees — a move that makes sense for a NFT game that presumably focuses on trading and collectibles. 

Despite launching their Twitter profile only in November, the account has already garnered 60,000 followers with an average 4,000 likes per tweet. The NFT mint will reportedly happen some time in Q1 2023, with future plans for their digital collectible game, integration with other platforms, as well as an animated series coming some time after that.