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Step into the Matrix: Beeple’s studio grand opening to spotlight FESQ’s “Journey to Self”


After two years of anticipation, Beeple's studio in Charleston, South Carolina, will open on March 11.


The artist, whose rise to fame in the NFT world has been unstoppable, aims to create new opportunities for the Web3 Community. Beeple Studios is composed of artist workspaces, a 13,000-square-meter exhibition gallery, and an experience space — all designed to bring together the Web3 community and beyond. The grand opening event will see the participation of artists such as Fvckrender, Blake Kathryn, Smearballs, Dee Kay Motion, Raw and Rendered, and more.


FESQ, a Brazilian NFT artist, will showcase his new exhibition titled "Journey to Self" at Beeple's studio grand opening. Encouraged by Beeple to start making 3D art daily, Fesq uses a simple, three-color palette to render futuristic stills and animations that make viewers feel like they're in the matrix. The 25-year-old artist studied software engineering in college and worked as a programmer before pivoting to art. Fesq's "Journey to Self" exhibition is a physical installation that showcases the artist's unique style of 3D art.

The Brazilian artist first learned about NFTs in June and July of 2020, but he was skeptical due to the prevalence of scams in Brazil. However, after seeing professional artists working with big brands jumping on board, Fesq properly started studying NFTs. His first-ever piece of NFT art, called "The Dealer," was minted on KnownOrigin in November 2020. Fesq's art feels right for the NFT medium because of his ability to capture his feelings at the time of creation.

Beeple's grand opening event is the perfect opportunity for FESQ to showcase his new exhibition, and the two artists' careers are intertwined. Beeple's encouragement led Fesq to create his unique style of 3D art, and FESQ's physical installation will be a highlight of Beeple's grand opening event. With Beeple's aim to create new opportunities for the Web3 community, and Fesq's unique take on 3D art, the grand opening of Beeple Studios promises to be a groundbreaking event for the NFT world.