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Boy Meets Girl and House of Blueberry brings athleisure to the metaverse

Digital fashion brand House of Blueberry and Boy Meets Girl are teaming up to dress your avatars in cute and comfy athleisure wear.

For those looking for new digital wearables for their avatars to ring in the new year, look no further than youth athleisure brand Boy Meets Girl's latest collaboration with digital fashion brand House of Blueberry.


On January 10, this partnership will be launching a four-piece digital fashion collection to be sold exclusively in Blueberry’s metaverse fashion boutique on the game platform Roblox. Roblox users can browse the virtual boutique and try on Boy Meets Girl’s IRL best sellers and staples such as leggings, graphic T-shirts, and hoodies, creating personalized outfits for their avatars. Leggings and hoodies sell for 85 Robux (Roblox's in-game currency), while the beanie will set you back at 65 Robux.


Through this collaboration, Boy Meets Girl also looks to bring their brand ethos, such as its anti-bullying mission, into the metaverse using positive messaging in the Blueberry virtual boutique. “It is important that while in a digital world, confidence and courage never go out of style,” according to Boy Meets Girl founder and chief creative officer Stacy Igel.

House of Blueberry was founded in 2012 by Gizem McDuff, entrepreneur and an independent creator on Second Life. The brand has sold over 20 million units of virtual clothing to date.


Recently, the company raised US$6 million worth of seed funding which it will use to strengthen its ambition to become “the leading fashion house in the metaverse” in open-world platforms Roblox and Second Life.


The move comes as the brand looks to reach a broader audience in the gaming and online communities with its emphasis on user-generated content (UGC) and self-expression. The House added that the funding will also help the firm to focus on its mission of supporting female designs in a male-dominated tech industry.