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Daniel Sackheim reimagines film noir in modern Los Angeles


Daniel Sackheim, best known for directing acclaimed television series such as Game of Thrones and Ozark, unveils a new facet of his creative prowess in the upcoming solo exhibition, “UNSEEN,” at Soho Photo Gallery in New York.


The exhibition invites spectators on an intimate expedition through the city of Los Angeles. Here, the city's sun-soaked glamour fades into the background, making way for the hushed whispers of isolation and social anxiety that echo through its less traveled paths.


The exhibition veers from the conventional, trading the city's familiar sunlit glow for the shadowy underbelly often hidden from the public eye. Sackheim, with his director's eye, transforms everyday patterns and behaviors into dramatic vignettes, each frame hinting at a story waiting to unfold.

Drawing inspiration from film noir, Sackheim paints his subjects in stark lighting and pronounced shadows, a nod to the genre's distinctive chiaroscuro style. Each image, shrouded in mystery, encourages viewers to look closer, to interrogate the familiar, and to find intrigue in the mundane.


Challenging the concept of the “decisive moment,” as acclaimed by photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sackheim presents these moments as fleeting and haunting. In his words, “‘UNSEEN’ explores a facet of life in a city known as the birthplace of film noir and my obsessive curiosity rooted in a need to discover secrets that remain hidden.”

After a triumphant performance at the Soho Photo Gallery's Portfolio Competition, Sackheim's “UNSEEN” exhibition is now captivating the audience with its distinct visual narrative. 


Showcasing 12 exclusive photographs, the exhibition underscores Sackheim's ability to provoke thought and push the boundaries of traditional storytelling. His work, celebrated at key institutions like the Leica Gallery Los Angeles and Santa Monica Art Museum, continues to impress with its innovation.


The "UNSEEN" exhibition is currently on display at the North Gallery of the Soho Photo Gallery until September 3.


August 9 – September 9
Soho Photo Gallery
15 White Street
New York