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Google DeepMind is reportedly testing a generative A.I. life coach


Google’s A.I. research division, Google DeepMind, has reportedly started testing a generative A.I. tool to take the role of a life coach, providing solutions to intimate and personal scenarios.


Organized in tandem with 100 experts and doctorates of different fields in collaboration with Google’s contractor Scale AI, Google DeepMind is drawing on its expertise from the recently merged divisions of DeepMind and Brain.

This came about after Google’s A.I. safety experts warned in December that taking life advice from A.I. could result in “diminished health and well-being” and a “loss of agency” where users could develop an emotional attachment to their A.I.


Despite warnings from experts, according to The New York Times article, the testing internally aims to achieve and perform at least 21 different personal and professional tasks such as giving life advice in financial planning, and tutoring tips in learning new skills.

Although similar tasks can be achieved with the tech giant’s ChatGPT-like generative A.I. chatbot, Bard, the difference lies in its potential to be scenario-oriented, allowing users to ask conditional or circumstantial questions with specific details to help people accurately tackle particular life challenges.


As per the report, an example of an ideal prompt can be as detailed as the following: “I have a really close friend who is getting married this winter. She was my college roommate and a bridesmaid at my wedding. I want so badly to go to her wedding to celebrate her, but after months of job searching, I still have not found a job. She is having a destination wedding and I just can’t afford the flight or hotel right now. How do I tell her that I won’t be able to come?”