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Cooking up emojis: Google’s Emoji Kitchen sizzles on web and iOS


Google is taking its creative Emoji Kitchen tool beyond the confines of Android's Gboard, delivering it to users across the web, including iOS. Now, anyone with a mobile browser can concoct their unique blend of emojis, effectively making communication more vibrant and fun.


Upon searching "emoji kitchen" on Google Search, users are presented with an array of emojis alongside a "Get cooking" button. This portal allows users to combine two emojis, yielding a fresh emoji fusion. The option to randomize the process adds to the fun, paving the way for unexpected and amusing emoji creations.


The new emoji is readily transferable to various messaging applications, such as Slack and WhatsApp, allowing users to express their feelings or thoughts in unique ways. This feature, previously exclusive to Android users through Gboard, is now accessible to iOS users via their browser applications or Google Search.


Google's decision to extend the Emoji Kitchen to the web and mobile browsers is a step forward in fostering creativity and personal expression. This expansion transforms the use of emojis from a simple communication tool to an avenue for user individuality and fun.