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Joan Cornellà unveils “VIP” exhibition in Seoul


Joan Cornellà, the Spanish artist renowned for his darkly humorous drawings, debuts his latest exhibition, “VIP,” in Seoul, South Korea, deepening his exploration of the human condition's darker side.


This collaboration with AllRightsReserved's MEET Project at EM Gallery marks the fourth time the organization has hosted a major solo exhibition for Cornellà, with previous showcases in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Japan.



Cornellà's artwork, often characterized by a freewheeling expression of black humor, has a way of connecting with a diverse audience. His latest collection, a mixture of canvas paintings, works on paper, and sculptures, carries on this tradition while also venturing into new territory.


Inspired by both personal and shared dreams, the artist endeavors to incorporate more elements into each painting than usual, leading to unexpected results. The brutally honest yet thought-provoking works are certain to prompt viewers towards introspection.

In a novel twist, the "VIP" exhibition coincides with the launch of "MOAR," Cornellà's digital art world on the FWEN METAVERSE. This immersive VR experience, an art voyage for fans to unlock secrets of a digital mansion, brings a fresh dimension to Cornellà's oeuvre.



Cornellà's work gains particular resonance in a world disrupted by the pandemic, where the value of human connection has become increasingly apparent. The "VIP" exhibition mirrors this sentiment, taking viewers on an imaginative journey that highlights the importance of these connections. 


His characters, depicted in extreme scenarios, navigate a world where reality and illusion blur, challenging viewers to reassess their own lives. The exhibition warmly invites all, as "Very Important Person(s)", to participate in this intriguing realm of dark humor.




September 4 – 28

EM Gallery

14 Songpa-Daero 48gil, Songpa-gu