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LastKnight featured in photorealist portraiture fashioned out of blue jeans

Culture entrepreneur Adrian Cheng and his Web3 alter-ego LastKnight are the main muses of the latest collaboration between Hong Kong gallery Side Space and local streetwear brand, Conjure, where used denim scraps are meticulously collated into painterly portraits.

Tucked among auto-repair shops and trendy cafes in the quiet neighborhood of Tai Hang is a curious looking “micro gallery” that consists of a simple white wall and floor to ceiling glass that could easily be mistaken as a shop front display. Aptly named Side Space, the gallery pays homage to Hong Kong's unique vernacular spaces, and adds a touch of cultural flair to the unassuming streetscape.


The space was founded by Hong Kong based creative agency UNVEIL LIMITED, whose creative endeavors include The Shophouse, a lifestyle and exhibition space refurbished from a 1930s building. Since its inception in August, it has hosted a number of temporary exhibitions displaying innovative works by names including Hong Kong street artists Matsushimaon, Lousy, and English painter Rex Southwick, often created utilizing salvaged or repurposed materials.

For Side Space’s 10th exhibition, titled ‘Test Print : Kidus 02&03’, they have tapped local streetwear brand CONJURE on a series of collage prints fashioned out of one of the most durable, versatile, and resilient materials — denim. Aside from recycling denim scraps and old pairs of jeans that would otherwise be destined for the dump, each piece of artwork is handcrafted using various techniques such as collage and distressed processing, ensuring that every collage work is a unique work of art.


According to the gallery, the exhibition emphasizes the importance of determination, self-expression, and confidence. The characteristics of denim fabric and the concept of “Kidus” both emphasize important qualities such as strength, resilience, perseverance, and self-discipline, which are essential for achieving dreams and pursuing goals. 


“Test Print : Kidus 02&03”
March 18 - 23, 2023

Side Space
10 School Street
Tai Hang, Hong Kong