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Here’s what you missed at NFT Paris 2023

Over the weekend, more than 18,000 Web3 enthusiasts gathered at the foot of the Eiffel Tower for the second iteration of NFT Paris. In case you missed the show, we've rounded up the top exhibitors that stood out from the rest.

The world of NFTs collided with the City of Light at NFT Paris 2023, where the latest innovations in digital ownership and exchange were on full display. From the vibrant artwork to the cutting-edge blockchain technologies, the event provided a glimpse into the future of digital assets. Here we've picked out a few of our highlights from the fair.


The Fabricant spotlights inclusivity

Amidst criticisms against the fair for its lack of diversity, digital fashion platform The Fabricant teamed up with World of Women and Makers Place for a beautiful digital fashion showcase featuring works by their community of women and non-binary artists.


MGXS debuts new art for a cause



Artist MGXS debuted his latest series of generative art, "Assemble Us" as an auction during NFT Paris. The first of the 49 works “Heart” raised just over US$41k, with more works set to be released in the coming week on the NFT marketplace EXA Market. 50% of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (BSF), a charitable organization that provides access to information and education for those in need.



RTFKT x Ledger announces partnership

Digital fashion and collectible Web3 brand RTFKT and blockchain security company Ledger announced their partnership during the fair, which began with the release of a redesigned, minimalist all-white version of Ledger’s flagship Nano devices, a USB thumb-sized unit designed to store crypto assets offline. As part of the partnership, Ledger and RTFKT will also launch an educational program promoting the best practices of Web3 and crypto self-custody security.



Tom Sachs braves the “Final Frontier”

The brilliantly imaginative Tom Sachs blasted his Rocket Factory off to Paris to launch the much-awaited “Final Frontier” project — a brand new space-themed metaverse featuring generative 3D planets and space apartments. Apart from life-sized sculptures and other IRL visuals, generative NFTs were minted live during the fair, and each participant received a personalized, NFC-chipped, Web3-enabled Identification Card that offered perks in both the physical and digital worlds.


Botto’s immersive art experience



“Three Steps Ahead,” was an onsite immersive experience by digital art platform SuperRare and Botto, a decentralized AI/human artist. The experience detailed Botto’s artistic evolution, and visitors are invited to vote for their favorite artworks, which will determine the three 1 of 1 editions that will be randomly allocated to SuperRare’s “RarePass” collectors.