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Phillips unveils digital platform “Dropshop”


Phillips, the esteemed auction house, is charting a new course into the digital sphere with the launch of Dropshop, a platform that presents limited-edition works from contemporary artists and makers. This new endeavor broadens Phillips’ impact beyond traditional auction house operations, introducing a fresh model for the primary arts market.


Dropshop’s debut drop on August 20 will spotlight Australian hyperrealist Cj Hendry, whose artistry exemplifies a spirit of self-representation, inclusivity, and democratization of the market. Hendry's inaugural drop, the “Crown” series, will offer one hundred bronze crowns, evoking the aesthetic of inflatables, coupled with a large-scale drawing of a crown.


Hendry, originally from Brisbane and now based in New York, has carved a distinctive niche for herself in the contemporary art scene with her large-scale, hyper-photorealistic drawings. Her fascination with contemporary material culture is vividly reflected in her work.


Hendry's exhibitions, from Miami to Melbourne, are not just showcases of her artistry but immersive experiences designed to engage, entertain, and provoke thought. Her commitment to sustainability, as evidenced in her innovative approach to repurposing materials, adds another facet to her multifaceted practice. As the inaugural artist for Dropshop, Hendry brings her unique blend of technical skill, conceptual depth, and environmental consciousness to a wider global audience.


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What sets Dropshop apart is its promise of resale royalty commissions to artists. In an industry first, this new approach allows artists like Hendry to reap benefits from the secondary market success of their work.


Christine Miele, Phillips' New Retail Sales Director, Ecommerce, brought onboard to spearhead the platform, highlights Dropshop's groundbreaking potential. Anticipating a diverse range of artists, from emerging to blue-chip names, Miele states Dropshop offers artists a dedicated space to engage with Phillips' global collecting community and amplify their unique voices.