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Refik Anadol’s A.I. sculpture lights up the Las Vegas Sphere


In the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, an uncanny fusion of art and technology is pushing the boundaries of the possible. Renowned artist Refik Anadol has launched an immersive A.I. data sculpture installation at the Sphere, the world's largest spherical structure, and home to the most advanced LED screen on the planet.



This installation, an integral addition to Anadol’s illustrious “Machine Hallucinations” series, exploits the Sphere's Exosphere — a digital canvas spanning an awe-inspiring 580,000 square feet, populated with 1.2 million distinct LED pucks. This architectural marvel serves as a canvas for Anadol's vision, converging media arts and architecture to create living pieces that interact with their surroundings.


The crux of Anadol's sculpture is a multisensory voyage, grounded in the accumulation of local atmospheric data. Transformed into abstract imagery, this data offers visitors an entrancing journey through alternative realities shaped by unseen data flows.

Guy Barnett, Senior Vice President of Sphere Entertainment, praised the remarkable alignment of Anadol’s artistic approach and the Exosphere's capabilities. He emphasized the Sphere's commitment to revolutionizing the way art and commerce coalesce on the venue's exterior.


“Refik Anadol’s artistic approach made him the ideal artist to partner with first to showcase his incredible work using the full-scale capabilities of the Exosphere, an incomparable canvas for artists who want to explore their artistic expression on a global stage and push the boundaries of what’s possible.” — Guy Barnett


The Sphere, a 366-foot tall behemoth, is primed to kickstart its 17,000-seat interior with a series of 25 performances from rock band U2 starting September 29. This marks the beginning of an epoch in entertainment where art, technology, and architecture intertwine to create immersive experiences. Subsequently, filmmaker Darren Aronofsky's Postcard from Earth will welcome spectators on October 6.