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Unveiling Sam Spratt’s 1,117-ETH “The Monument Game”


Sam Spratt's innovative NFT project “The Monument Game” has raked in a substantial total of 1,116.6 ETH (~$1.84m). 


With the auction having closed on August 24, the unique 1/1 painting IX. The Monument Game achieved a winning bid of 420.69 ETH (~$694,441), marking the highest auction record for Nifty Gateway in 2023. Additionally, all 256 editions of Player — each priced at 3.33 ETH — were rapidly sold out on August 21, contributing an additional 695.97 ETH (~$1.15m) to the overall total.

An overview of “The Monument Game”


Launched on August 21, “The Monument Game” is a pioneering experiment by Spratt that synergizes digital art and interactive storytelling. It includes the most intricate artwork Spratt has ever created, IX. The Monument Game, which was auctioned as a one-of-a-kind painting. An interactive interface built around this artwork, termed "The Game," allows collectors to explore, observe, and compete.


The project also introduced Player, Spratt's first-ever editioned artwork. Limited to 256 editions, it serves as a ticket for collectors to participate in the game, leaving their observations on the painting. The Council of Luci, a select group of Spratt's collectors, will then deliberate and select the three most observant players.



Now, starting August 25, the Council is reviewing the observations, with finalists to be announced on August 28, and a final vote scheduled for August 30.


The top three most observant players, as determined by the Council's final votes to be tabulated and announced on August 31, will be awarded a coveted opportunity: the chance to join the Council of Luci, signified by one of the three remaining Skulls of Luci.

So, who or what is Luci?

Luci, pronounced “Lucy,” is a series of digital paintings by Spratt. They weave an evolving story about the rediscovery of our most ancient human values in a post-historic world.


Since its first chapter was released in October 2021, eight digital paintings have been released so far, where the series has generated $1.4 million in primary sales and roughly $690,000 in secondary volume. 


Notably, VII. Wormfood fetched $252,000 at Christie's, with all proceeds donated to MAPS to promote psychedelic research and therapies. The highest single sale was for VIII. Infinite Ceremony, which commanded an impressive $263,000.

At the heart of all this is Spratt, a New York-based artist whose work blends traditional and digital art. 


Initially trained in oils, Spratt's focus on the Great Masters of the Baroque and Renaissance eras has been translated into his digital work.


His intricate brushwork infuses a sense of humanity into the digital medium, often perceived as sterile and clean. Drawing inspiration from our early hominid origins, Solomonic teachings, and the authorless story of pilgrimage, Spratt has created a connected world across his artwork. 


This world, combined with the communal layers of blockchain philosophy, is represented in his story "Luci" — a testament to Spratt's innovative approach to digital art and storytelling.