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The Sandbox will launch Alpha Season 3 on August 24


The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 will launch its first batch of experiences on August 24. 

As the title suggests, Alpha Season serves as a platform where players get a sneak-peek into The Sandbox's new features. Over the course of ten weeks, the Alpha Season 3 will spotlight more than 90 playable experiences, including 27 that feature brand partners such as the Snoop Dogg collection, BAYC, World of Women, The Walking Dead, amongst others. On top of 40 experiences from The Sandbox and The Sandbox Game Maker Fund, the season will also offer some 30 user-generated content and Game Jams experiences.


Playable avatars is surely an aspect that sets apart the upcoming Alpha Season with its predecessors. Unlike season one and two, which adopted its own avatars, this season will voxelize more than 140,000 playable avatars from 13 well-known collections, from BAYC and CoolCat, to CloneX and Moonbird. Another feature that makes it a much anticipated event, season three will implement a new reward system that benefits players other than the Alpha Pass holders. For The Sandbox LAND owners, avatar owners, and players who hold NFTs from a specific collection, they will be also be rewarded with SAND tokens upon completing a quest.


For those who are particularly competitive, Alpha Season 3 will also give out a total of 1.5 million SAND tokens to the top 5,000 players on the leaderboard at the end of the season, where the ranking will be calculated through Ethos Points (EPs)—the faster the players complete the tasks, the more EPs they will earn. 


The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 will be free and open for all, available via their official website.