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Thr33som3s’ digitally infused artistry unveiled in “Dialogu3”


An unprecedented fusion of the physical and digital takes center stage at Vellum LA, where the pseudonymous artist thr33som3s presents his solo exhibition, “Dialogu3.” The unique display juxtaposes traditional paintings with a blockchain-backed digital art archive, illuminating thr33som3s' cutting-edge approach to generative art.


Thr33som3s' work harks back to the nascent days of computer and generative art in the 1960s, yet with a distinctive twist. Unlike much of today's generative art, which leans heavily on digital or mechanical production, thr33som3s' gouache paintings maintain a tangible materiality. His method of altering existing artworks — often repeatedly and over extended durations — creates a captivating synergy between physical and digital realms.

Included in “Dialogu3” are 100 gouache paintings on baseball cards, along with a vast array of digital works from thr33som3s's ongoing project, thr33zi3s. This innovative project allows collectors to craft NFTs through blockchain interactions, which, in turn, leads to physical paintings that are manually modified by the artist based on algorithmically defined traits, and then recirculated onto the blockchain.

A fascinating aspect of thr33som3s' work is the potential for each artwork to evolve over time. This evolution occurs both physically and conceptually within The Grotto's narrative framework — a fictional 1970s cocktail lounge serving as a backdrop for thr33som3s's community of collectors.


These "dialogues" between the artist, collector, and algorithm transform the blockchain interactions from mere transactions into a conceptual medium. This interaction forms the bedrock of thr33som3s's fictional universe, where he acts as the "benevolent god," shepherding members through narratives that shape the trajectory and lifespan of artworks.

About thr33som3s

Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, the enigmatic thr33som3s is acclaimed for his expansive conceptual art practice. His work interweaves elements of gouache painting, generative art, performance art, online communities, randomized events, and novel blockchain and NFT burning mechanics. Continually pushing the boundaries between the physical and digital, thr33som3s's unique approach to NFT burn mechanics consistently engages his community of collectors, known as The Grotto, offering them future value and utility.


Dialogu3: A thr33som3s Solo Exhibition

August 10 - September 3

Vellum LA

7673 Melrose Ave

Los Angeles