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The Passage of Ra

BY A.A. Murakami
00:00 AM HKT


In Egyptian mythology, Ra traveled every evening at sunset on a solar barge through the underworld in order to rise again each morning.



Inspired by this concept, The Passage of Ra is a new NFT installation by A.A. Murakami that juxtaposes the ephemeral nature of a fleeting moment with the immutable permanence of the blockchain.


Debuting at NFT Paris 2023, this installation is the first of a series of immersive NFTs that bring to life what A.A. Murakami has termed the ‘Mataverse.' Distinct from a Metaverse, which is a virtual world, a Mataverse is a multi-sensory physical environment that also exists on the blockchain.


This a multi-stage drop with several different opportunities to collect, including utilities for holding or redeeming multiple tokens.



The Eye of Ra Vol. I


A.A. Murakami's first open edition NFT will be available for purchase from Thursday 2/23 at 9:00am PST to Sunday 2/26 at 11:59pm PST.


Owners of this open edition will be entered for a chance to win an NFT from The Passage of Ra, valued at $10,000. Each OE purchase equals one entry. Multiple purchases will increase your chance of winning The raffle snapshot at 9:00AM PST, Tuesday, March 7. (See official rules)


Owners that hold 5 or more OEs (pre-sale snapshot at 9AM PST, Monday, March 13) will be invited to an exclusive pre-sale on March 20. 



The Passage of Ra


The Passage of Ra will only exist as a Mataverse installation at NFT Paris for days, but it will be forever captured in an 11-minute generative art video, which will be sold in 1-minute segments on MakersPlace in March 2023.


Holders of more than 1 consecutive segment will have the opportunity to burn their tokens to receive a new NFT combining the sections into a multi-minute composition.



The Eye of Ra Vol. II


As an additional bonus option, owners that hold 5 or more of _The Eye of Ra _open edition tokens will have the option to burn them to redeem a Limited Edition NFT.